Organic Certification Information

Organic Production is an overall farm management and food production system that combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, preservation of natural resources and application of high animal welfare standards.

Organic Certification is a procedure by which an independent party gives a written assurance that production and processing methods employed conform to organic standards. It is a "process certification" as opposed to "product certification", i.e. in organic certification we look at the entire production process - not just the end-product.

How Organic Certification is Controlled
All the principles, practices and requirements of organic production and processing are defined in Organic Standards. To make certain you know what is involved, it is important that you read the organic standards.

If, after reading the standards, you feel your practices will comply with the requirements, fill-in the application form and send it to EnCert - together with the documents mentioned in the application form. Your application form and documents will be screened and an inspector appointed.

The inspector will visit on an agreed date, inspect the unit and complete an inspection report which both of you sign to agree its accuracy. The report will then be sent to EnCert for review and certification.

Once an agreement is reached, a Certificate of Registration and a Trading Schedule, listing the licensed enterprises, will be issued. These allow the use of EnCert logo on packaging and/or promotional materials of those enterprises listed in the Trading Schedule - upon successful completion of the appropriate conversion period.

For more information on the organic standards click here.

For a copy of the current certification fee structure click here, fill-in and submit the form provided.


For your system to be certified organic, you need to adhere to the following
Know the organic standards and be willing to abide by them
Be willing to keep the required records as enumerated in the standards  
Accept inspection and certification procedures



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