Organic Standards

Organic production is governed by internationally accepted guidelines. These are formulated and defined in "Organic Standards". For products to be labelled "organic" they must have been produced and processed in accordance with these standards.

Globally, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) sets the Basic
Organic Standards that provide a framework for regions, countries, certification bodies and standard-setting organizations worldwide to develop their own certification standards.

Currently, EnCert Organic Standards cover the following areas: (1) Crop Production,
(2) Animal Production, (3) Handling and Processing.

For a soft copy of EnCert Standards, fill-in and submit the form provided stating your intended production and whether you are an individual farmer or are writing on behalf of (a) a group of farmers, (b) a group of beekeepers, (c) an organic wild collection project or (d) a processor.


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